Together we will explore wholeness and connection with your life’s meaning and purpose, developing a plan and practices that align with you and your goals, expanding your perspective and choices. Integrating science and practical wisdom, Dr. Meyer listens, guides and empowers you.

Beatrice listens and really hears. She balances the intellectual with warmth and caring - mentoring could be her middle name.
- MO, small business owner
I appreciated how quickly we could flow through the session to arrive at some key points, new perspectives and specific recommendations - quite refreshing!
- AP, business owner
Beatrice was both practical and intuitive, business-focused and engaged with people. I hired Beatrice for coaching in addition to operational planning and execution. You may think, as I did, that a coach is an extra, something you do only when nothing else works. Working with Beatrice showed me a different view – coaching creates the conditions for success and is as fundamental as having good accounting practices.
- GG, small business owner

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Schedule a complementary 20-minute orientation, followed by a start-up, intensive session.