Services Offered:

Executive/Career/Life Coaching
Leadership development, consulting & coaching

Who are Dr. Meyer’s Clients?

• Professionals, in such fields as engineering, medical/veterinary/health, education and finance
• Engineering, medical/veterinary, financial and academic institutions
• Family businesses
• HSPs/introverts
• Teenagers and Young Adults

Executive/Career/Life Coaching
There are times in your life when exploring career and work options is more than a “good” idea, sometimes when work and life have brought you to a place of curiosity, or perhaps to your knees. Career and work encompass so much of our lives, it is truly life-changing to consider other choices.

Dr. Meyer’s career coaching helps you integrate your work and life based on your priorities and values. We will use multiple modalities and practices, including traditional “homework assignments,” to both challenge and support your heart, mind, and body so that you will face everyday and extraordinary situations with clarity and compassion. Dr. Meyer’s whole-person approach addresses, for example, self-awareness and self-regulation, while also acknowledging vulnerability, difficult feelings and the real challenges of career choices and workplace demands within the context of relationships, family and life.

Leadership development, consulting and coaching for teams and organizations
Dr. Meyer has created organizational professional development plans and delivered training in academic, non-profit and corporate contexts. Experienced in curriculum design and adult learning theory, she supports you in designing and developing leadership development programs, including specific modules on topics as: self, change and resilience, leading change, culture, collaboration and innovation. Her deep experience with classroom, workshop and simulations informs her curriculum.

In the coaching arena, Dr. Meyer works with all levels of leaders, identifying specific strategies and tools to meet goals, whether it is to change a specific behavior, add a new habit, or transform your own leadership way of being within the professional and workplace cultures in which clients work and live. Not recognizing and addressing environmental factors, including cultural factors, is one of the reasons workplace change efforts ultimately fail. Two methods for working effectively and efficiently with change in groups, teams and organizations are through small group work and workshops.

Small group facilitation and coaching
Facilitated, supported small groups can create an optimal environment for growth and development. Dr. Meyer has helped form and facilitate groups on issues related to career, business operations, communication skills, and team building. In these groups, participants have reported that being in a small group that is professionally facilitated and coached made “the” significant difference in their developing confidence, practicing skills and behaviors, and in general, success in moving forward.

Workshop Delivery (curriculum design and delivery)
When part of an overall plan and culture of cultivating individual learning and growth, workshops and experiential learning opportunities are an effective means of creating organizational and leadership change and development. Dr. Meyer’s graduate and professional work has been strongly anchored in needs assessments, curriculum design and course delivery. Her specialty areas are: leadership, culture, change and communication skills.

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