What are others saying about Dr. Meyer?

Beatrice was both practical and intuitive, business-focused and engaged with people. I hired Beatrice for coaching in addition to operational planning and execution. You may think, as I did, that a coach is an extra, something you do only when nothing else works. Working with Beatrice showed me a different view – coaching creates the conditions for success and is as fundamental as having good accounting practices.

– GG, small business owner

How do you get 90 independent, competing organizations to work together? I do not know. What I do know is that Beatrice did just that, and the end result included cost savings, creative problem-solving, and a sense of community.

– NS, Country Head, US bank

Intelligence and knowledge that is shared when appropriate, integrated with a true heart, warmth and compassion – Beatrice really listened and supported me in exploring options, stretching and ultimately succeeding in reaching my goal.

– SF

Dr. Meyer is able to be both a sage mentor and a supportive team member. Because of her appreciation for varied perspectives, she is always open to feedback and ideas and is a natural collaborator and creator. Her interdisciplinary perspective and ability to unify varied approaches and philosophies creates a trusting and dynamic learning environment.


I have worked with Beatrice in coaching and facilitating veterinary and medical students and she is a facilitator par excellence. Beatrice is creative, learner and person centered and always focused on growing others – this makes her a powerful advocate, teacher and coach-facilitator. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

– KB

Beatrice is a highly effective coach, well-equipped to work with clients seeking change or something different in their work and personal life. Her background in psychology, excellent listening skills and deep experience working with a variety of personality and behavior frameworks allows her to bring valuable insight to our sessions. As a result of our work together, I have developed new perspectives and experienced internal change, leading to tangible results in my life.

– SD, engineer & CEO

In working with Beatrice in our career group workshop, I learned so much about myself…..felt safe, yet also powerful as I am making some hard life and career choices.

– workshop attendee

Dr. Meyer is accessible and down-to-earth… I felt myself becoming clearer, and in taking the action steps we talked about I became more hopeful, and am moving forward.

– work/life coaching client

As a leader, Beatrice translates a vision into everyday actions, which in our case, meant an entirely new business plan and processes, all the while building partnerships with parents, city and wider community. Creativity and practicality within chaos, all the while keeping the human touch.

– Parent, independent school

Dr. Meyer brings together skill and creativity in strategic and operational planning. The “cherry on top” is that she made it relevant to our different, historically often in conflict, stakeholders. The planning she developed continued to be utilized and referred to for years.

– AS, independent school

Famous brand” consultants provided process consulting. Beatrice did what they did not: the human work of change management, working with people as well as the processes, so that we as an organization could make changes happen.

– AEO, Country Manager, int’l bank

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