Andrea Bromley

Andrea Bromley

I used to let stress rule my life. Stress of a fast-paced job, of a bustling city, of overexercising, of undereating – the stress of trying to fit into society’s ideals of beauty + success. Over time I realized that I was not happy or healthy because I was following a path instead of creating one.

I knew I needed a big change – a change that would provide the space, community, and inspiration to find myself. I knew I needed to become grounded in nature and nourishment, and enlivened in passion and adventure. And so I followed an instinct to move to the mountains and pursue nutrition in Boulder, CO.

Not only did I need to connect with my purpose and place within nature, I also needed to reestablish my relationship with my physical health. I was exhausted, emotional, always hungry. I had acid reflux, gas, and other digestive stress. I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s, and I went off of birth control to begin my 3 year struggle to get my period back (no, I did not have a period for 3 years). Through my education, work with a nutritionist and a functional medicine doctor, I learned how to support my autoimmune condition, heal my gut, balance my hormones, reverse my nutrient depletions, maximize my liver function, and rest. It is how I learned what it means to truly listen to my body and to support it fully with high quality food, supplements, rest, a clean environment, and love.

The lifestyle, community and beautiful setting of Colorado was an essential step on my path to wellness. These past few years have been full of learning, growth, adventure, joy, change, excitement, and love – self-love above all. I am here, armed with education, a new perspective, more body fat, greater strength, more kindness, a heightened understanding, fiercer love, and better health than I’ve ever had.

And it’s from this place I strive to help you gain the perspective and education you need to see the bigger picture of your health. I hope to help you find the same understanding of your body, and empower you with the skills, tools and knowledge to create the wellbeing you seek. I promise that with an open heart and mind, readiness to do the work, and willingness to change, you can find the path to wellness too!

Philosophy + Process

Andrea Bromley is a Certified Nutrition Consultant through Bauman College in Boulder, CO and holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Andrea firmly believes in the power of food as medicine, and she has experienced this healing potential firsthand with clients throughout her practice. Andrea takes a personalized approach to nutrition, which recognizes each person’s biological uniqueness while accommodating their individual needs and goals. Whether the aim is healing an illness, running a marathon, or simply learning more about general wellness, Andrea is passionate about empowering others to become leaders of their own health. After a comprehensive intake, Andrea provides customized support to make the long-lasting diet and lifestyle changes that enable her clients to achieve their goals.