Do you know that 1 in 2 people will suffer from chronic disease in their lifetime? We are in the midst of a chronic disease epidemic, and the best way I know to help is through education and support. Here I want to share with you resources to learn more about health, from articles to books and videos, because with information we become empowered to make change!

One of the big problems with our current model of medical care is that we wait until people are sick to intervene. I believe in a preventative approach, which means we have to rethink the way we see symptoms. It means we have to learn to tune into these signs our body is using to communicate. Acne, gas, yeast infections, PMS, headaches, fatigue, eczema – these are not normal. They are not just to be accepted. These signals are the body’s way of alerting you to imbalances and dysfunction.

One of the most effective means of prevention is education. Let’s take the time to tune in and listen to ourselves, learn more about how the complex, magnificent ecosystems of our bodies work and what we can do to behold the health we desire.